For executives seeking clarity in strategy, innovation in product and confidence in leadership

For executives in times of transition, I help provide strategic clarity through a blended mixture of coaching and consulting.

For teams seeking more influence, I can provide training, coaching and support to ensure your work is having the right impact.

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“Tom is a CEO Whisperer. He is truly a world-class listener and mentor who knows how to knock down walls inside companies to get strategic projects delivered.”
Jeremy Cabral - COO & Co-founder, Finder

Example Projects

Working at the intersection of growth and product I think of clients like partners and typically don’t get hired to make spreadsheets. I’ll make the spreadsheets anyway, but you hire me to care about your business.
  • Positioning & Narrative. Helping companies refine their narrative, internally and externally. This process of narrative strategy requires careful listening, research and creative craft.
    Example: Grounded in customer research I supported Directive Consulting in positioning their services to create differentiation, then translating that through marketing, sales and operations to create a unified approach.
  • Content & Audience Development. With a deep background in SEO and content strategy I help companies put together SEO budgets, create content strategy and invest in audience development.
    Example: Working directly with the CPO I helped Angi group create a new appraoch to product-led SEO with a multi-million dollar budget approved by the board, then hired a VP of SEO to lead the new team.
  • Product Innovation. With a keen sense of how innovation works inside large organizations I help teams create new user-first ideas combining feasibility, iteration and distribution.
    Example: Working with senior leadership at The New York Times I helped assemble a small team to research, ideate and prototype new approaches to travel content.
  • Executive Advisor. Embedding support for executive teams that need help aligning, getting clarity about their strategy and operating effectively.

About Tom Critchlow

Starting my career in SEO allowed me to get a deep, grounded understanding of "how the web works". Working at places like Google and consulting with companies of all shapes and sizes gave me a good understanding of "how business works".

Throughout my career I've been obsessed with the question of how to be effective. Recognizing that to be effective requires understanding the humans, the systems and the incentives at work.

I'm based in Brooklyn and love new opportunities.

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