A golden age of business writing

Why I built the NEW MBA Library

Tom Critchlow
October 1, 2023

A while ago I tweeted this, mostly as a kind of hype post to friends writing online:

But gradually I’ve really come to believe it. What a golden age for independent, business writing!

The vibe is:

Deep, but accessible, research-backed writing like Cedric’s writing on Business Expertise.

Thoughtful, nuanced, first-hand wisdom at senior levels like Mandy writing on Consenting to Decisions

Modern, insightful perspectives with strong opinions like Behzod’s presentation on Building a Research Team may cost you your Research Practice

Not to mention things like Reforge Artifacts, Stratechery, First Round Review and more. There’s so much good stuff out there. I want to read it and I want to organize and make sense of it.

So the NEW MBA is launching with a library. It’s small and not that impressive for now but there are big ideas behind it including full-text search and more. Stay tuned.

And if you have some favorite business-writing that you want to see included there shoot me a note!

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