A map of inquiry for the NEW MBA

Open questions

Tom Critchlow
September 14, 2023
  • In which I map out various lines of inquiry that the NEW MBA will explore
  • Also, in which I publish a post to backfill the template for content on the site :)

I’m excited to use the NEW MBA to explore a range of questions related to work, working identity and personal agency. Here are some threads I’m excited to pull on:

  • If we take as given that organizations are emergent, not planned, then how does that change the ways we work? I feel like we’ve acknowledged that organizations are not planned, but I don’t think we’ve really followed that insight to it’s conclusion about how we show up every day.
  • How do you gain influence, power and authority inside organizations? Especially in a remote-first world.
  • If simulations are the best way to teach tacit skills (see here), how do you construct engaging, effective business simulations?
  • How effective is generic “executive education” and how specific should learning experiences be (e.g. for “marketing directors” or for “product managers”)?
  • How do you design executive level education programs that are both effective, and aren’t overly time consuming? This is a key tradeoff for busy orgs and busy execs that want to level up.
  • How do you design executive education that is both effective and engaging. The literature seems to suggest there’s a direct tradeoff between learning experiences that are effective and enjoyable…
  • How does the quarterly planning cycles of companies need to adapt and change and how do we replace it with something new, better, well documented so that it can actually change behavior?
  • How do you visualize strategy, and how do you create “living” strategy maps that teams can reference, align on and share? See: doubleloop
  • How do companies remember, share and socialize knowledge? See How Teams Remember and Strategy is Memory.

More questions to be added as they come up…

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